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Route 4, Box 259
Appomattox, Virginia
Tollfree: 1-877-409-1865
Fax: 1-434-352-9930
E-mail: springgrovefarm@msn.com

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Meet Your Innkeepers and Their Home

Emily and Joe are resident innkeepers who take pride in treating all their guests like old friends who have come for a visit. They have come to settle in Virginia after living in the Washington, D.C. area, Chicago, and the Los Angeles area. They love living in the country and wonder why it took them so long to make the break from the hectic pace of city living. Their adult daughter, Laura, also lives here and helps out with the many details of running a bed and breakfast. Joe’s mother, Betts, a former military wife, has settled here too, after living in multiple places all over the country and world. She has contributed some lovely pieces of French furniture from her residence in France. Outside live five friendly farm dogs.

Emily and Joe have spent nine years restoring their historic plantation. There is a photo album where guests can view the 'before' pictures, as well as the work in progress, and the final stages of the restoration. If you have an old house or have ever thought of restoring one, you will enjoy sharing their stories.

Emily has been a "certified house nut" all her life creating "rooms" in the woods as a child. She graduated with a degree in interior design, designed and built their California house, restored a house in North Carolina, and designed and supervised the restoration on Spring Grove. Emily has been collecting furniture and accessories for years to use in the house. She loves to cook and takes pride in making her guests feel at home.

Joe, the engineering part of the team, continues to work in the corporate world. He has been a clock collector for years and proudly displays his collection all over the house. His contribution to the restoration has been in all the mechanical aspects of the project. He is also interested in Civil War history as well as the history of the plantation.

Spring Grove is a working Christmas tree plantation. You will enjoy the pleasing fragrance of a walk among the miles of rows of pines and spruces. A vegetable garden provides fresh produce in season. There is asparagus in spring, raspberries and blackberries in summer as well as the usual fresh vegetables. Emily enjoys freezing and canning the produce, so you can enjoy her jellies and pickles all year, as well as fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. She gardens organically, so you can feel free to pop the fresh fruit or vegetables in your mouth straight from the garden.

Landscaping is a work in progress-nothing remained from the original plantation plantings, so new plantings are constantly being added to a plan that would have been typical of those of the period. We welcome your suggestions and expertise in the planning of the landscape. Native species of cedar, dogwood, and redbud are abundant. Spring flowering bulbs have been added, as well as peonies, lilacs, and other shrubs. Perennials and annuals are continually being added.

Come for a visit and leave as friends.


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